The need for relentless innovation is forcing companies to continually look to improve product and processes. The CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions we offer to our customers through a strong partnership provides companies all over the world with a solution that helps speed the development of new products from concept to production, reduce cost by encouraging part and process reuse and improve quality by delivering a scalable set of integrated analysis tools.

Balancing cost reduction and quality improvement with increased profitability, CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions we provide deliver unified production-proven applications and process automation tools integrated into a single management and collaboration backbone.

This solution is a next-generation digital product development system that helps companies transform the product lifecycle. With the industry's broadest suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications, The Solution touches the full range of development processes in product design, manufacturing and simulation.

To meet the increasing demands for global teams to collaborate on projects, The Solution enables products to be developed from initial concept layout to manufacturing. This includes the generation of detailed 3-D component and assemblies, performance analysis and tool path preparation within a single managed backbone. The managed development environment enables collaboration within the extended enterprise ensuring that the right data is delivered to the right people at the right time.

The Solution provides a complete suite of integrated process automation tools to enable companies to capture and reuse product and process knowledge encouraging the use of corporate best practice


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To stay competitive in today's market, engineers must take a design from engineering through manufacturing with shorter design cycles and faster time to market. To be successful, you need a set of powerful, intuitive, and integrated tools that work seamlessly across the entire design flow.

PCB personal productivity tools we offer have a long history of addressing these demands-and more. Designed to boost productivity for smaller design teams and individual printed circuit board (PCB) designers, PCB design suites we offer grow with your needs and technology challenges. The powerful, tightly integrated PCB design Solutions includes design capture, librarian tools, a PCB editor, an auto/interactive router, and optional analog and mixed-signal simulator. The affordable, high-performance of this product line is easily scalable with the full complement of other higher series end PCB solutions.

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Network and Secure Solutions

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CIS offered through a strong Partnership the world’s first integrated software solution to close the gap between idea capture and comprehensive product lifecycle management. The Solution powers new product ideas from concept to reality by integrating idea management and requirements planning into the complete digital lifecycle management, product development and manufacturing process. This PLM Solution targets the industry’s most critical business initiatives with solutions addressing new product development and introduction (NPDI); global product development; global manufacturing; strategic sourcing; maintenance, repair and overhaul; and regulatory compliance.

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Telco Solutions


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